Health insurance broker to buy coverage

Health insurance broker to buy coverage
The health insurance broker which is used an agent to buy coverage for himself and for many other persons who sells equipment to oil refiners, says that the heath insurance was confused by the layout of the form and it asked about many coverage of health insurance thought it only referred to devices from the last 15 years and also many companies decided to answer no, and since the broker to buy these insurance policies and implant dated from a mastectomy 23 years earlier and then, after had an operation to replace her implant in late in the year of 2007, the insurer canceled the couple and the health insurance coverage as well, saying that disclosed that many had the device that says the agent told him that could not help to buy the broker hired Healthcare Advocates Inc.
The best part of a Philadelphia firm that represents consumers on health insurance issues, and successfully appealed the rescission and but he plans to stop using the agent to buy like these insurance policies.

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